Boss Barliman’s Basura Bin

24 Oct

You have stumbled upon my Trading/Selling list for the game Magic the Gathering.

If ever you want the cards listed below, please do kindly drop me a message so we can work something out, either the price, the condition of the card or how we can meet up and transact smoothly. I am mostly online with my Gmail account at Just be sure to state your purpose or whatsoever so I will know if I will decline or accept your request. Thanks and kindly browse and peruse my list as you wish!



I have just unearthed my box of cards from way back then… I was surprised and amazed most of them are still in pristine condition or better for their age. As it was just sitting there in the deep recesses of my wife’s cabinet area for time forgotten. I might as well sell or trade them for newer cards which i need for my collection. For anyone who wants to buy bulk or package deals let me know and i might give you a sweet deal for these cards. BTW, I am using this as a pricing guide since their site is always updated on prices and stocks, and their prices are considerably fair than other sites which have lower prices by .50cents but does not have stocks. *coughs*

These cards are advisable and good for beginners, in the process of learning MtG or just someone who wants to boost their collections exponentially / EDH pieces / Modern decks / Pauper decks.

(*) – means i still got lotsa them aside from the playset listed

04X Planar Chaos Common Set (1 of each) – most are NM / Pack Fresh
04X Time Spiral Common Set (1 of each) – most are NM / Pack Fresh
04X Journey Into Nyx Common & Uncommon Playset (1 of each) – M
04X Whispers of the Muse – NM
04X Unholy Strength (Unlimited) – NM
04X Lose Hope – NM (*)
04X Sacrifice (Revised) – NM (*)
04X Grave Defiler – SP (*)
04X Devour in Shadow – NM (*)
04X Sudden Death – NM (*)
04X Hibernation – NM (*)
04X Peregrine Drake (Urza’s Saga) – NM (*)
04X Sage of Fables – NM (*)
04X Kessig Cagebreakers – M
04X Cursed of Wizardry (Promo Foil) – M (*)
04X Command Tower – M (*)
03X Sever the Bloodline – M
03X Mindshrieker – M
04X Syphone Flesh – M (*)



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